Thrissur medical student recounts her ghastly tale

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Guest article by Christina Elsa Sunny

Hi friends, I am Christina ,31st mbbs batch, currently doing House-Surgeonship in Government medical college, Thrissur.
I am here to disclose what I have experienced on the night of 19 may 2017, that I consider is worthwhile to share.
After completing mbbs course, the authorities have allocated an accommodation on the fourth floor of medical college for all the house surgeons, which includes a mess facility also. Most of us have been utilising the accommodation facility provided by them. Me and my nine friends were staying in this room for the last ten months.
In the premises of this quarters, we have spotted strangers around so many times. Quite unfortunate to say that there is no security provided for all of us and it is an easy access for the strangers to be here by their own or by any other means. There have been many incidents reported in the past of unauthorized access to the ladies rooms and even the attempts of burglary . Even though we have notified of such mishaps, the authorities tended to cast a dubious eye upon us .
Like every other incidents happened around , I paid no extra attention on such matters like most of us. I was much occupied with my duties and my passion to render service to the society.
As I have mentioned earlier, on the night of 19 may 2017,something happened that did shatter my perceptions and my attitude towards the society. We were in deep sleep on that night in our room and my friend got a phone call from casualty and she had to go out immediately.I regret to say that we couldnt lock the room from inside as we were in deep sleep.
On that night, in the midst of my sleep , I felt like something was crawling on to my body and that woke me up suddenly. In the semi darkness, I have seen a hazy figure aged nearly 20 in his shorts about the foot-end of my bed. I screamed my hell out,my friends woke up and came for my rescue. The intruder romped out before we could identify his face. As terrified as it could be , my friends rang our collegiates and some of the boys set forth a quick search in the ‘dark’ corridor and the premises. They could’nt find anyone out there.
The day after , we filed a complaint to our superintendent . They inspected the room and guaranteed as of Some safety measures ‘as usual’. From our side, we the lady house surgeons, planned for a quick protest that we hoped could be an eye opener for the authorities.On the contrary to my expectations, I came to know that even among the girls,we were so divided in protesting against such a serious incident, and some of us are not even aware of the fact that we demand an immediate action for the sake of all the lady housesurgeons and the batches to come by.
Iam not scribbling all these for your support , shares, or your precious likes. it’s only for the sake of my own conscience . WE ARE TOTALLY UNSAFE HERE. We only awake ourselves up when a JISHA OR DELHI INCIDENT happen among us..

Dedicated to all my lady colleagues and juniors..